Types of Students Served

Dr. Berg

A student lacked the maturity needed to be successful when she first enrolled in Schoolcraft College. After not doing well, she dropped out of school.

Twenty years later, when she returned to college, she was the mother of two children and had a stable work history. Yet, she could not escape her past.

Dr. Berg

A student's alcohol and drug use was a significant factor in his failing out of Schoolcraft College. He now has more than two years of sobriety and a 3.94 grade point average for the courses he has taken since returning to college.

Yet, because of his "poor success rate" in completing classes, he is not eligible for many forms of financial aid.

Students Rewarded for Success

The Berg Endowment does not reward students based on a promise of doing well. It rewards success. The difference between the Berg Endowment and most other types of financial aid is that it measures success one semester at a time.

Although the students cited above might remain on continuing dismisal or be barred from other forms of financial aid for several semesters, the Berg Endowment would be able to reward positive efforts based on their current progress.

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Dr. Berg

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