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Berg Endowment
and Dr. Steven L. Berg Fund

For a variety of reasons, some talented students do not do well in their college courses and end up on academic probation. Some even fail out of college. Fortunately, many of these students later correct the problems that contributed to their difficulties and, as a result, achieve success.

Unfortunately, there are few immediate rewards for these talented students who turn their lives around. Because those who give grants and loans and scholarships typically look at the entire academic record, the initial poor performance experienced by these students overshadows their talent and success. As a result, grants, loans, and scholarships are generally not available to them.

I was almost one of those students.

The Berg Endowment was established to celebrate the achievements of those talented students who had some difficulty in college but who are currently experiencing success.

The Dr. Steven L. Berg Fund was created so that we could give scholarships to deserving students while the endowment matures.


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