Dr. Berg


I appreciate the generous contributions from the following individuals whom have made donations to the Berg Endowment or in whose names donations have been made.

When known, I have listed the Schoolcraft College connection of donors. Members of the Liberacki-Wilcox-Berg family have been designated with a red asterisk*.

Jack and Ruth Turner
Participants in GlobalEYEzers
and other campus activities

Dr. Julia Liberacki Berg*
Mother of Dr. Steven L. Berg
In her memory

Lorain Berg*
Father of Dr. Steven L. Berg

Susan D. Luks*

Ursula Berg Anderson*
John Anderson*

Rachel Wilcox Liberacki*
Grandmother of Dr. Steven L. Berg
In her memory

Rev. David Grant Smith
St. Mark's Episcopal Church
Penn Yan, New York

Jacob Jetton*
Michigan State University Student

Mark Harris
Professor of English

Jennifer Marsh
Sister of Rochelle Schaffrath
In her memory

John Schlagel
In his memory

Dr. Alec and Anne Thomson
Professor of Political Science
and his wife

Dr. Daniel and Susan Duryea
Professor, Detroit Mercy University
and his wife

John and Rita Luks*

Edward R. Clayton*

Dr. Deborah Daiek
Assistant Dean
Learning Support Services

Valerie and Gary Przywara

Tahlia E. Thomas
Director of Academic Computing

Bethany and Randall Vonck*

Terri Lamb
Coordinator of Tutors
"Math Mom"

Jeff Davis

Elaine Berg Strasser*
In her memory

Jerry and Bonnie Wright*
Jessica Wright*

Dr. Lou Riebling
Retired Vice-President
In his memory

Calvin R. Berg*

Dr. Christopher Leland
Professor, Wayne State University

Jeffrey Gutierrez
Step-Son of Professor Linda Gutierrez
In his memory

Carol M. Strom
Schoolcraft College Board of Trustees

Christopher T. Berg*
Brother of Dr. Steven L. Berg
In his memory

Dale and Cindy Walker
Schoolcraft College Graduate and Wife

Dr. Conway Jeffress
President, Schoolcraft College

Kenneth Gregory
Brother of Professor Cheri Holman
In his memory

Jacquelyn Berg Kolpasky*
Kevin Kolpasky*

Linda and Joe Talbert
Professor of Collegiate Skills
and her husband

Christa Cipparone
Transitions Center

Barbara B. Kosal*

Nick Jetton*
Student, Perry High School

Mike and Janice Berg*

William F. Berg*
In his memory

Irene Baxter*

Sam Hays
Professor of English

Sandy Roney-Hays
Professor of Sociology and Anthropology
Coordinator of GlobalEYEzers

Dawn Cyranoski Kent*
In her memory

Lloyd L. Dickinson*
In his memory

Florence Gryczanoski Raisanen*
In her memory

Niran Kheder
Professor of English
Coordinator of Writing Fellows

Dale and Claire Miller

Adele Marie Sunshine
Mother of Dr. Glenn Sunshine
Central Connecticut State University
In her memory

Marie Romanick
Mother of Professor Lois Bearden
In her memory

Richard and Donna Koehn

Rosalie M. Clare*

Andrew Stuart
Dr. Harvey Ballard

Librarian, Ohio University
Professor, Ohio University

Eleanore A. Guitlinger

Sherry Liberacki*

Victoria Sysol
Schoolcraft College Graduate
In her honor

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