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Application/Selection Process


Students on continuing dismissal at Schoolcraft College and who have had at least a 2.5 (3.0 preferred) during their previous semester are eligible to apply for funding from the Berg Endowment.

Students are not required to take more than one class during the previous semester and financial need is not a factor in considering whether or not students will be awarded funding.

Application Process

Students will send letters to an individual designated by the selection committee in which they reflect on the changes they have made that lead to their success during the previous semester. The letters should include details about strategies the students will use to maintain their success during the following semester. Letters should be no more than two pages, single spaced.


The deadline to submit letters based on quality work completed during the Fall 2011 semester will be 9 January 2012.

Application letters should be sent to:

    Dr. Deborah Daiek
    Assistant Dean of Learning Support Services
    Schoolcraft College
    18600 Haggerty
    Livonia, MI 48152

Selection Process

A committee will award stipends based on the quality of the reflections.

A quality reflection should include specific examples; not just general statements. Examples of changes that lead to success could include both academic as well as more personal changes. For example, students might describe their experiences working with tutors or Writing Fellows in the Learning Assistance Center, meetings with academic counselors or professors, participation in formal/information study groups as well as participation in AA/NA, cutting work hours, changing schedules at home, and so forth.

Please remember that the members of the selection committee are interested in rewarding quality reflections that lead to continued academic improvement. They also recognize that students who apply for funding have had academic difficulty. Therefore, comments about shortcomings will be viewed in a favorable light if the student describes specific plans they intend to implement in order to overcome those shortcomings.

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